Our partners

Without our partners all over the cape we could never do what we do. Therefore they deserve a special place on our website!

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Dennis fuller

Dennis treats community animals in Laura. He has been a major help with the community work in Laura. He finds the animals that need treatment and basically organizes our whole trip while we’re there. People like Dennis make our work a lot easier. Thanks to him we have already booked a lot of results in Laura!

Brook fawcett

Brook is Cape York’s animal control person. But he’s so much more than that! He helps us on behalf of the Cook Shire Council with our community animal program and does the hard work in the communities together with us.

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North Queensland Aero Club

Where would we be without the North Queensland Aero Club? On the ground! Thanks to the support of these guys and their planes we were able to fly all over Cape York. This saved us a lot of travel time!

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Cook shire council

The Cook Shire Council helps us funding and organising our trips. Therefore they are a very important factor in all the work we do!


Xanthe, Harri and Monty

Our kids have helped us out with the care for animals so often we can’t even keep count! Therefore they definitely deserve a spot on this page. From cats and dogs to lizards, snakes, owls and quolls; they’ve taken care of all sorts of animals!


Dean the coffee man

“Behind every successful person, there is a substantial amount of coffee.”

Like many people we don’t start working until our coffee does. Luckily we get a personal coffee delivery every morning from Dean!