We aim to provide guidance and services to achieve healthier animals resulting in positive health outcomes for the community.

Indigenous communities are remote and often lack veterinary services. Both long term community families and shorter term support staff have no access to basic animal health services to combat this adversity. If you are remote and require a distance consult for your pet please contact us.

Scheduled clinic days may be affected by adverse weather.



Cooktown Clinic

Our clinic in Cooktown consists of a small team of caring, enthusiastic vets and nurses that are ready to give your pet the highest quality treatment possible. Our vet services consist of kitten and puppy vaccinations, neutering, surgery and much more. We also provide a wide range of livestock services and are available for callouts. For more information or to make an appointment online click here.

Aboriginal Shire Council Clinics

Animal health programs are developed by our vet team to suit individual shires in a way that fits their own unique circumstances. We focus on “One Health” outcomes by combining desexing, birth control, eradication of fleas, ticks, lice, mange and house to house education for owners.

Our vet team authorises and supports animal managers as we get the job done in your community. Our vet can be contacted for all enquiries and help when required.


Telehealth Consultations

An Telehealth consultation provides veterinary services and solutions for owners of animals living at a distance from an existing veterinary practice.

You can either use your computer or a smart phone / tablet app to access this service. Our veterinarians are then able to visually examine your animal and can either advise on an appropriate treatment plan, or if a veterinarian needs to attend to your animal, or advise if the animal needs to be referred onto to a specialist.

I-Pharmacy is under construction and will soon be available.

Look at this dog, it’s super happy! That’s because it’s on a lot of drugs. Drugs are fantastic and now you can buy your drugs directly through the I-Pharmacy.