A Tele-health consultation provides veterinary services and solutions for owners of animals living at a distance from an existing veterinary practice.

You can either use your computer or a smart phone / tablet app to access this service. Our veterinarians are then able to visually examine your animal and can advise on an appropriate treatment plan, if a veterinarian needs to attend to your animal, or if the animal needs to be referred onto to a specialist.

Remote Veterinary Consultation Services
(Tele-Health Consultations)

To book a Tele-Health consultation call (07)40696608 or use this form.

Consultation fees and payment.

Consultations, costs start at $65 for a standard consultation and $143 (GST inclusive) for after hours consultations. Up front payment by credit card, or payment via ZIP PAY is required, or proof of direct deposit is accepted.

What are the Hours for Standard Consultations?

Consultation times are available when you book online.

Do I need to book a consultation?

With the exception of emergencies, appointments will need to be booked in advance to ensure you and your animal receive our full attention.

What do I need to set up for the consult?

If you need a phone consult, you will just need a phone line.
If you require a video consult, then you will need a good internet connection and a smart phone, tablet or computer. Click on the link for your device: iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac to download the free software required. Please call 07 40696608 if you require assistance.

Can these services be used for large animals as well as small?

Yes. Our services can be used for dogs, cats, horses, cattle, goats, wildlife, or any other animal that requires veterinary assistance.

Can I use your service if I live in an area with an existing vet service already?

Unfortunately in most cases, no. Tele-health consultation services are to support remote workers, communities and animal owners who don’t have access to a permanent veterinary practice in their community.

For existing clients, in exceptional circumstances, these services may be used for primary advice before an animal is seen, and do not replace standard consultations.

How do I access medication?

Our Veterinarian can write a script for medications from your local pharmacy. We can also express mail medications for clients.

Who do I call to arrange these services?

To book a Tele-Health consultation either call (07)40696608 or use this form. A link will then be provided for your Tele-health consultation.

For standard consultations please call between 9 - 4 Monday to Friday.